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deliver the goods

Рекламируемый продукт

online supermarket


Ebag — a Bulgarian online supermarket has been growing in times when people avoid queues and being stuck in traffic on their way to a physical store. We had the task to build on their reputation with a platform and launch a campaign about farmer products. We looked at something everyone enjoys from shopping — the big pile of groceries on the kitchen table. You feel happy, the fridge feels happy. Ebag delivers the best out of shopping. We matched this insight with some hard-working people who are actually responsible for tasty stuff that is on display at Ebag. We decided to show it how it is and picked three farms where we filmed the process. Taking care of plants from the ground to steering herds over green meadows and feeding freely roaming hens. We also recorded radio spots that are like nothing else on the air — an acoustic trip to a Bulgarian farm.