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Рекламируемый продукт

Post Of Georgia


So we came up with an idea, if tourists can not come to Georgia to experience our renowned hospitality, why can’t the Georgian post deliver Georgia To their doors - wrapped and packaged. We Created a web platform called Georgiabypost.com where people from all over the world could sign up, upload their videos expressing love or curiosity towards Georgia and exchange them for personalised gifts from Georgians who visited our platform. Then we reached out to everyone interested in our country all over the web, targeting people with a beautiful print campaign and article about our platform. Involving Georgians in our cause wasn’t hard also, we showed them some videos of foreigners uploaded to our platform and the hospitality in our blood kicked in hard. Over 3000 presents were sent with the help of The Georgian post, People from more than 35 countries signed up on our platform. and what’s most important, tons of love and affection was exchanged.