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Rebrand of Perm Polytech

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Perm National Research Polytechnic University


Challenge Radical changes brought about by globalization and rapid advancement in technologies set higher standards in education and make universities rethink their position towards students, society, and the world. The Perm National Research Polytechnic University is one of the leading Russian technical universities that provide human resources to manufacturers of the entire country. With the new challenges, Perm Polytech needed changes in strategy, its culture, and positioning. We created a new brand with a focus on development of versatile personality and training leaders for the fast-paced world. Design Solution The idea was to combine structural technical university image with creative image of a young explorer. The logo's base is a black square – a symbol of integrity. The square is complemented with a white beam, so people are not limited by the square, they get information from the outside and shares back with the world. The grid system is an expanding frame which contain colourful and lively content.