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Blanc Bleu

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Blanc Bleu


The effect of water on human health has been deeply studied and known for a long time. Our body for 70% consists of water. We drink several liters of fluid every day to maintain the proper balance of hydration. However, the question of the influence of drinking water on the intellectual abilities remains open for a long time. Recently, the masters of the aqua blend of the Blanc Bleu brand have created a unique blend that reveals the cognitive potential of a person. The Blanc Bleu brand is the world's first blended drinking water derived from several unique world-renowned natural sources. It tastes almost identical to ordinary spring water. It is a balanced mix, loaded with brain-stimulating micronutrients and electrolytes for extrahydration. The brain receives the necessary nutrition, thereby improving the ability to assimilate and memorize information. Blanc Bleu water is a natural key to knowledge. The Gothic architects and builders discovered the amazing strength and stability of using pointed arches. The most recognized feature of the Gothic style is the pointed or Gothic arch. «Etre blanc-bleu» in French means to have an impeccable reputation." The same can be said about the Brand that we strive to create.