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Time For a New Year!

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To revive festive spirits dampened by the pandemic we created an ad about a music battle between Zoommer and Covid! While summing up the troubles covid caused the world this year we demonstrated the optimistic nature of our brand, that believes in the strength of combined power in the face of adversity. The party’s theme was a masquerade ball with a dress code influenced by the baroque era. Characters from across the land attended our soiree. We made sure everyone was covid-free! Notable guests included: Zoommer girl; Santa in “Chokha”; Zoommer’s Donna; trending health minister's double; the weeping bride, her father and bridesmaids, and school kids singing arias. An elusive character showed up unannounced - the world’s invisible enemy Covid Girl - scandalously making an anti-masking statement! She wanted to challenge someone to a match. Zoommer girl came to our rescue! Emotions were running high, it was a close call but Zoommer defeated Covid, blowing her up like a pinata, literally. The use of music was an important component of our narrative. We connected with the audience by storytelling through relatable lyrics. And, with production design and art direction we gave our ad its unique visual identity. From the set dressings to the smallest details, all props and wardrobe elements were vital for setting the mood. This ad went viral in a matter of hours with over 3 million views. We cheered the viewers while delivering an important message: “together we’ll make the pandemic disappear and then party on New Year’s Eve!”