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Water Index

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Turkey will be a water poor country in near future. And yet people waste like there is no tomorrow. “Water is infinite” is the misconception behind this behavior. Three years ago, we started a water preservation campaign. Now in its third year, we aimed to put water into every single person’s agenda. Water is the most undervalued resource. Currencies, stocks and oil are nothing compared to the value of a water. And yet, there has not been an attempt to show water’s true value. With the help of well-respected Turkish Industrial Development Bank (TSKB), we created an index which shows the value of water. Reserves; industrial, agricultural and domestic consumption all go into a regularly computed formula. The value of index is between 70 and 130. Below 70 is water poor. Above 100 is plenty. By just looking at this number, we now know how much usable water we have. To show how valuable water is, index is located at every place where we Dollar, Euro, gold, stock exchanges are: ticker tapes, tv news, economy channels, newspapers… As the index become part of our life, we will better know value of the water. https://www.yarininsuyu.com/finish-su-endeksi/