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Birds Will Be Back

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Birds Will Be Back-Finish


According to UN, Turkey is only years away from a water crisis. Research from 2018 showed that there was too little awareness on the issue, as people pursued everyday thoughtless habits, wasting water without concern. Despite a dishwasher in 9 out every 10 household, people still handwashed or prerinsed. In an effort to raise awareness, Finish, the dishwasher detergent started a nationwide campaign 3 years ago. As the campaign turned into a major success, the role of the brand broadened from dishwashing, to every aspect of water preservation. Initial communication portrayed dried lakes and riverbeds as proof of problem. In the sequel, to provoke hope and to depict that individual efforts when combined can make a big difference, the brand set out revive a diminished lake. Since the audience had grown accustomed to traditional communication, the brand started seeking to convey message through unconventional methods to appeal to emotions. The lake was started to revive which means birds will be back soon too. We wanted to turn good news into an experience for the villagers. We created a 24-hour-long audio track based on 233 bird species that existed in Kuyucuk and their daily routines. We worked with experts, villagers and sound engineers to create a realistic track that would meme a regular day at the village before the lake dried. There were two different mosques in the village. We used the minarets of the mosques as a medium to broadcast our audio file. It was the first time a Mosque became a medium. The whole experience was documented and made into a film. At a local scale, the installation brought a lot of sentiment to the villagers, mourning for the sounds of the long gone birds. At a national scale, the film documenting the experience hit home on motivating people to start saving. The fund raised was used in the efforts of reviving the lake. The whole event was a token of hope for the desperate who felt individual effort would make no difference. https://adfest.by/storage/app/uploads/public/60a/a51/5bc/60aa515bc0683487229060.mp3