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"I Declare" in Arabic means "I advertise" at the same time. 100 years ago, in 1920, Lebanon was declared a state. In 2020, instead of celebrating the 100 years' declaration, we thought why not celebrating our centennial with a creative nationwide idea by launching hundreds of positive declarations on all media to revive the sector during the toughest times we are going through due to the economical and political crisis in addition to Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns. The media scenes became empty, blank and silent. We decided to turn the AD into A DECLARATION. We proposed to the AA the (Advertising Association in Lebanon) to endorse and to launch the (I DECLARE/I ADVERTISE) Advertising Festival: 01- To celebrate the 100 years of Lebanon declaration (1920-2020) 02- To revive the media and advertising industry by filling the emptiness with creativity hope colors and positivity. We invited all institutions, agencies, brands, media and individuals to declare / advertise again during the month of August 2020, with special and affordable packages under one message “I DECLARE”. Each brand, institution, agency or media had to complete “I DECLARE” message by announcing and claiming its specific declaration. "I DECLARE" was the biggest national campaign ever done in Lebanon and the region. It endorsed 60 media companies, 97 brands and hundreds of individuals, contributions and participation in only 4 days.