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The qualifying stage of the creative contest of YOUNG CREATORS has ended, which this year is supported by the Crello brand - a graphical online platform with which you can easily create creative static and dynamic content in minutes, using ready-made templates or creating projects from scratch.


Let us remind you that private authors or creative teams over 16 years old could take part in the competition.


The finalists were:


Bezyazichnaya Alexandra

Valyanskiy Denis

Golubeva Polina, Mataras Anna

Goryashin Sergey

Ignatovich Viktoria, Belskaya Anastasiya

Klepcha Kseniya

Kovaliv Ulyana

Komar Anastasiya, Shevelenko Darya

Prankevich Katazhina

Chernetseva Marina

Shalapukho Marta

All finalists are invited to open defense of their projects on June 9, venue: Minsk Marriott Hotel (Minsk, Pobediteley avenue, 20), open defense starts at 17:45.

Contestants who have not passed the preliminary selection are also invited to open defense of the finalists, as listeners.

More detailed information on the open defense will be provided to the finalists by the Organizers on an individual basis.


The works will be evaluated by the jury, which, upon completion of the open defense by all the finalists, will determine the winner of the YOUNG CREATORS contest this year.


Moreover, each participant of the contest, who has passed the preliminary selection and admitted to open protection, receives free accreditation for the business program of the international advertising and marketing festival "White Square".

Participants who won prizes will be awarded with Diplomas of the Young Creators contest, and the winner will be announced on June 11 at the Solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the White Square International Marketing and Advertising Festival and will be awarded a prize from the Contest Partner - the Crello brand - iPad Pro and the Crello Pro annual license!