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Horacio “Chacho” Puebla is originally from Mendoza, Argentina. But he has livedand worked in Chile, Portugal, Spain and France, spending almost 200 days a year traveling during his role at Chief Creative Officer of Lola MullenLowe Europe and LATAM. Fortunately he can do this now from the room of his house.

He has put offices he worked for, as top 5 in each country he was handling: Tropa Grey (Chile), Leo Burnett (Chile), Leo Burnett (Portugal), Leo Burnett Iberia (Spain), Lola (Spain). At Lola he make the agency be recognised as one of the top 10 Agencies of the Decade in Europe by Cannes Lions.

He does not like to speak about awards, especially when is him who is writing this in third person. (He is one of those “do it all” kind of guys). He has won almost 400 awards, including 10 Grand Prix in different shows, and 86 Cannes

Lions. Of course, once you are recognised by the industry, you are chosen as jury or even President of the chair, something he has been several times in different shows.

Chacho loves to do, but also loves to share his point of view about things, that’s why he has give several talks, including Cannes, LA Insighs and TEDx.  He can’t give two times the same speech, so check them all, they are on Youtube.

Besides working in advertising, he does other things like having a craft brewery, a t-shirt company, a club and works as a communications advisor for several projects. His passion is to find answers, that’s why he creates some conceptual art pieces that flood the internet making people ask some questions. Maybe you have heard of some, maybe not. Google him, and you will find out. He has been in art galleries in Miami, Cannes and Lisbon. After leaving Lola he focus on the brewery and some projects where he put all his passion into sustainability, helping brands to make the transformation into a more balanced way to interact with nature.