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Media partner of White Square International Advertising Festival ArabAd magazineis the oldest communication business magazine in the MENA region. This geographical area of 355 million people unites North Africa and the Middle East.

35 years ago, in 1986, the godfathers who built the MENA region’s advertising industry bumped heads and drew the blueprint for what was to become ArabAd, the first and oldest advertising and communications magazine in this category to date.

The publication, which has since evolved, is distinguished in its coverage of advertising, marketing, media, branding and everything in-between. The distinctive content and features made available are unique and exclusive in the quality and diversity of the topics covered.

The ad business is ArabAd' s because its qualified team makes sure to talk to the right people about the things that matter.

As ever, ArabAd maintains a watchful eye on the pulse of the MENA ad industry in hope of bringing to its readers the latest and greatest from the communication world.

As always, ArabAd is closely following the pulse of the MENA advertising industry in hopes of bringing its readers up to date with the latest and greatest communications and marketing developments that are impacting business and economic development.

Note that the editor-in-chief of ArabAd Ghada Azzi this year is a member of jury of media competition of White Square festival. Ghada Azzi successfully graduated from CFJ University (France) with a degree in journalism and holds a Master's degree in Political Science from USJ University (Lebanon). She has extensive experience in journalism and PR, leads the editorial office, oversees publishing activities. She is interested in storytelling, technology and digital marketing development.

As a media partner of White Square International Advertising Festival ArabAd magazine will display on its pages the best cases of participants and introduce its readers to the trends of 2021.

We remind you that the call for entries open until May 17, early birds offer is opened till February 28.