White Square | Белый Квадрат




International advertising and marketing festival White Square calls for contest projects for YOUNG CREATORS contest, which this year is held with the support of Crello brand - an online graphic platform with which you can easily create creative good-looking static and dynamic content in a few of minutes, using ready-made templates or creating projects from scratch.

Contest project can be submitted until extended deadline - June 4 inclusive, all participants wishing to take part in the contest must register and send their finished cases to crello@adfest.by indicating the full name, age, contact information of the participants.

We would like to remind that private authors over 16 years old can take part in the contest. There is no upper age limit for participants this year.


The participants of the creative competition are invited to:

1. Independently choose one or more of the following topics on mental (mental) health:

  • Self-love is not egoism.
  • Ecology of relations with yourself.
  • Someone is a someone’s friend.
  • Impostor syndrome.
  • You are pretty enough.
  • This is normal (to ask for a help; take a rest when you are tired; not to keep up; seek for yourself in different spheres).
  • Being not ideal = being unique.
  • Anti-FOMO. You will not miss something that is important to you.
  • Mental health is as much important as psysical.
  • Hair burns, you do not.
  • Son of mother’s friend – do not compare yourself with others.

2. Independently formulate the goals and objectives of the campaign / project, which, in your opinion, are the most relevant, designate the target audience to which your project will be directed.

3.Using the capabilities of the Crello graphic platform, develop a creative concept, slogan for an advertising campaign on mental health and show the implementation of the project - in 2-3 formats (choose formats from the Crello library and adapt the creative for them): posters, posts for instagram, stories, tick -current video, digital advertising, etc.

4. The finished case should be signed “Created in Crello” / “Made with Crello”.

Participation is free!

The jury will evaluate the projects in an online format, while the participants, whose works will pass the preliminary selection, will have the opportunity to personally defend their projects in front of the jury on June 9.

At the same time, each participant of the contest, who has passed the preliminary selection and admitted to open protection, will receive free accreditation for the business program of the international advertising and marketing festival "White Square".

Participants who won prizes will be awarded with Diplomas of the Young Creators contest, and the winner will be announced at the Solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the White Square International Marketing and Advertising Festival and will be awarded a prize from the Competition Partner – the brand Crello - iPad Pro and the Crello`s Pro annual license!