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Managing Partner, Strategy: OMD EMEA, THE UNITED KINGDOM

Andy joined OMD in 2007 - having travelled across selection of media agencies including Rocket, MEC and MediaCom. During that time Andy was chiefly tasked with delivered the strategic direction for a diverse range of brands in categories including automotive’ luxury, retail, fmcg, public service and fashion.  The key theme throughout this managerie of sectors was the need to inspire change, formulate and execute ideas and to collaborate.

In 2011 Andy went International – joining OMD EMEA where his role is multi-faceted.  From inspiration and guidance across the network to boosting capabilities.  The Strategy Leadership function at OMD EMEA is responsible for delivering world-class direction and expertise for global clients in an effective but human way.  Most recently Andy has been part of a core team developing and rolling out the OMD Design planning approach across the agency.

 As frequent key note speaker and Industry Awards judge and jury member, Andy is always seeking work that has a human truth at its centre bought to life in an empathetic, creative way. Because the communications industry continues to do this in an exciting and engaging way this is still a career he cherishes.