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Managing Director, Ambition DDB agency, LITHIANIA/BELARUS

Strategic planner by trade, Audrius is perhaps the only planner in Lithuania who lectures Lithuania’s special forces, PsyOps (psychological warfare operations) division.

He is a strategic planner behind works that got awarded in Cannes Lions. Two separate projects have been awarded 2 shortlists and 1 Bronze Cannes Lion, that now rests behind his belt.

Audrius has judged in a number of festivals in Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus, has been mentioned for some of the work he has done in magazines like adsoftheworld.com, goldendrum.sonce.net, adforum.com, welovead.com and others.

 Lecturer and course leader for strategy course in the Atomic Garden, the only ad school in Baltics and Belarus where all lecturers are working top tier professionals in ad agencies.