White Square | Белый Квадрат


President Leavingstone International, SWITZERLAND

If you want proof that you can still be a nice person after more than two decades in advertising, this is it. Or if you want evidence of life in this industry after age 40. Or even 50, for that matter. And yes, these two things are connected. Folker lived in five countries, worked for six big networks, is at home in advertising as much as in direct, digital or shopper marketing. Never does just one thing, so he’s also consulting, teaching and sometimes even DJing. And learning, always. Earned his EMBA at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, served as a judge of quite a few juries between Cannes and Minsk, always happy to jump on a stage and share some of the knowledge he collected over two and a half decades in the creative industries. Unshakeable optimist and enthusiast, believer in democracy and humanity. Spreading Leavingstone’s unique creative voice as President Leavingstone International.