White Square | Белый Квадрат


Founder, Best Marketing, ESTONIA

Best Marketing is the leading Estonian marketing news and events organizer since 2003. Written two top-selling books “Best of Global Digital Marketing: Storybook 1 & 2”.

He is also the founder of Marketing Parrot, a boutique marketing events company. Organized and presented in events in 34 countries, from South Africa to South Korea.

His main focus area is content marketing. Has been on stage in more than 30 countries, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Lebanon, Turkey, UAE, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, China, Philippines, South Africa, Germany and others.

Has been EPICA jury member since 2005 and has judged several international competitions, such as Golden Drum, KIAF and Adfest.

In 2018, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award at Golden Egg festival in Estonia.