White Square | Белый Квадрат


Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Marketing Effectiveness Award Effie Awards Belarus

In the field of communications for over 20 years.

In portfolio includes communications with major national and global brands within the framework of successful local and international projects in the field of marketing and advertising, as well as partner programs: WARGAMING, MTS, A1, MARK FORMELLE, Bulbash, PariMatch, KERAMIN, Bonfesto, Аmato, Pernod Ricard Minsk , Belvingroup, Barista, Oasis Group, Volkswagen, MasterCard, MTBank, LUCH, Depositphotos Group, etc.

Client Service Director at communication agency «Белая Карона» – co-founder Association of Communication and Marketing Agencies of Belarus(АКМА), multiple winners of prestigious awards at major international festivals: White Square, KIAF, EDA, Golden Hammer, Red Apple and others.

Advertiser, communicator, poet, musician.