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Hayk Simonyan
CEO & Founder, Doping, ARMENIA

Founder and CEO of Doping Creative Agency, the most awarded creative agency in Armenia. He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of advertising and communication. During these years Hayk has worked with big and successful brands in Armenia, Russia, Dubai and not only. He is also lecturing during many marketing & advertising classes in Armenia’s universities and business schools.

Since the day of foundation has supervised all strategic and business aspects of Doping. Besides the commercial projects, Doping is also known for its social campaigns and projects of public interest, which have brought the agency the recognition of Creative Agency of the Year, Grands Prix, and numerous other awards from international advertising and communication festivals, such as Red Apple, Red Jolbors, KIAF, White Square, Gerety Awards, Proba Awards and so on. Lately, Doping was also recognized as the Creative Agency of the Year in Armenia by TopFICE, the Ranking of Independent Award-Winning Agencies.

"Flirting with failure" is Hayk's all-time favorite motto, and he truly believes failures and mistakes are natural, and they are essential elements on the path to success.