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Senior Creative, Partners, PORTUGAL

After a Marketing degree in 2020, started as a copywriter trainee the long, winding road at Bates Lisbon, where won his first national awards, his first Cannes Lions shortlist and Eurobest Press bronze.

In 2004 started working at BBDO, then Portugal’s chronic Agency of The Year .

Portugal Young Lions winners in 2005 and gold at El Ojo de Iberoamérica with the French Spiderman stunt for Optimus telco:  Alain Robert climbed the tallest building in Lisbon with his both bare hands, while talking to an audience with a Bluetooth mobile phone.

More awards and shortlists on NY Festivals, LIA and Creative Club of Portugal.

In 2007 a short passage at McCann Lisbon and his first gold at Effies with the naming Pop-Up for Oliveira da Serra olive oil new bottles.

In 2008 started in Fischer, a small Brazilian agency running in Portugal big clients as Sagres beer, CTT post mail or TMN telco.

In 2010 made part of the brilliant team that achieved Portugal’s Agency of the Year. More awards and shortlists came, including Creative Club of Portugal, ADCE and Cannes Lions.

In 2011 was his first round at Havas where he created the national most viral digital campaign of the decade with Optimus, awarded with 5 gold at CCP Festival.

Between 2012 and 2015  - TBWA Lisbon, brands like McDonald’s and IKEA, and more awards and shortlists, including bronze at Eurobest and more 4 gold at CCP Festival and 4 gold Effies.

In 2016 Nuno returned to Havas and won gold at Epica with Animalife’s Karma film, and more awards at El Ojo, Drum DADI Awards, Digiday Europe and 4 gold in the Portuguese Creative Club Festival.

 In the middle of pandemic 2020, the change to Partners, following his personal mantra “Why not?”.