White Square | Белый Квадрат


Senior Art Director, 72andSunny Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

When Patric was 10 years old he started what could have become an incredibly successful career in product design by sending drawings of his ideas for new watches to SWATCH. Until today he is still waiting for an answer.

One company’s loss was the gain of the Swiss advertising industry. Here Patric spent several years before joining renowned innovation school Hyper Island in Stockholm for a one-year course which finally led him to 72andSunny in Amsterdam in 2012.

Here he spent the last 9 years working on such iconic brands like adidas, Samsung and Google. And unlike SWATCH, the jury members advertising festivals like the Cannes Lions, One Show, Epica and D&AD kindly replied to his work with a number of awards. It makes him the most awarded person in his family.

If you meet him, ask him for his favorite Swiss joke. It’s hilarious.