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Markus DaubenbuechelManaging Creative Director, Ex Scholz& Friends, joined DIGITAL jury of White Square 2021. Numerous times recognized by Cannes Lions Festival, the D&AD, The One Show, the Clio, LIA, the New York Festivals, Effie and ADC.

2020 has been challenging for the communication industry in every country around the globe. What professional experience or lesson that could be named as a discovery have you got?

— 2020 has been challenging for so many reasons. And the devilish virus is just one of them. But 2020 also proofed, that we have the tools at hand to overcome these challenges. We can work remotely and still together. We can fight fake with facts. We can speed up things with science working across borders. We can beat egoism with solidarity. Isn’t that a beautiful way of being effective, somehow?

This year the slogan of White Square 2020 is short: IT’S TIME! Do you think, is it worth taking part in international advertising festivals in times of crisis, and why? What would you like to wish the participants, partners and organizers of the White Square 2021?

— It’s always time! Festivals, inspiration, learning, discussions, fighting for the best and exchange between the most diverse groups possible will improve your work. And the way you work.

 What would you advice to young agencies to become successful? Does the participation in festivals could help them to achieve their goals? What do they need to stand out from the other participants at the festival?

— Why not change the question: What do you need to stay successful? A young agency might have a lack of experience. But on the other hand, an established agency might have a lack of flexility. To become successful, you need outstanding ideas and great planning for best effectiveness. But to stay successful, you need to stay true to yourself. And, simultaneously, you need to continuously adapt to the new. Uniting these two poles is one of the hardest jobs in advertisement. And one of the most important ones.

 You represent German advertising industry at White Square Festival. Are there any specific features of advertising in your country, or should advertising be universal for any region/country? For example, can projects from your country be successful in Eastern Europe?

— The nucleus of any great communication is a great idea. That’s true for a phone call between best friends and that’s true for a talk between strangers in a hotel bar. But, for a great chat you will change words, voice and probably even the topic depending on the person in front of you. Without an idea, without news, the chat with your friend might be boring. Without knowledge and curiosity, the talk in the hotel bar can be very, very short. In advertisement, we follow the same rules. If you’ve got something to say, good. If you use all data available, better. If you target precisely, great. That way, a great idea will come across greatly. An agency in Minsk will create successful campaigns for all over the world. And a team in Hamburg will create effective billboards for a small town in southern Germany and whole Eastern Europe alike. What they need is a universal idea and the ability to form it accordingly. My experience: The more international and the more diverse your team, the more interesting the ideas will be. And the more effective all over the globe.

We remind you that White Square 2021 entry system for is now opened for submission into 7 contests, 129 nominations оnline until May 17.